Services List

  • Bath and Wash with Natural Shampoo
  • Dematting, De-shedding, Brushing and Haircut
  • Teeth Cleaning and Tartar Removal
  • Ears and Eyes Cleaning
  • Grooming, Pad Shaving and Sanitary Trim
  • Nail Clipping, Grinding and Painting
  • Anal Grand Expressing
  • Flea/Tick Dips and Shampoo

What We Do

We do all types of dogs no matter the size!
We do dog specific cuts: all Poodle cuts, Mohawks, Lion cuts, Bichon cuts, Cocker cuts and Schnauzer cuts.

For the detailed list of prices Please CALL (623) 412-3647

Services Overview

All Inclusive Service
Bath, conditioner, brush, hair cut, ears cleaning, sanitary trim, nails trim, anal glad expression, and perfume.
Additional Services
Nail painting, ear hair pulling, bandana or bows
Exceptional Services
Are available upon request
Cat Nail Trimming
We have specailly trained staff to do nail trimming for cats. By appointment only.
Learning Opportunities
We advise customers on the correct tools and care for their dog
We sell limited supply of various products