Price List

Nail Trim for Dogs and Cats $10
Bath and Brush $30-60 & up
Bath, Brush and Groom $45-70 & up
Teeth Brushing $5
Teeth Cleaning and Tartar Removal $80 & up
Face and Feet Trim $10
Anal Gland Expressing $5-10

Our prices depend upon the size and breed of the dog.

For the detailed list of prices Please CALL (623) 412-3647

Our full service includes bath, brush, hair trim or haircut. All dogs get their anal glads expressed, ears cleaned or hair pulled, nails trimmed, and hair between pads trimmed. We also shave pads, do sanitary trims, and nails painted upon request. We offer free face and feet trim in between grooming services for the regular clients. Hair cuts and styles are chosen by the owners and we do our best.